Merhaba!  This is me and my coffee!




My name is Buse! I am a professional ballerina who loves drinking coffee daily! Since a very young age, when I was living and traveling in Europe, coffee stores were my happy places. I loved trying new one every free time I had and also loved coffee house culture. I would spend hours there by myself enjoying different coffees and feeling the vibes of the coffee houses.


Here I am, started my own coffee brand and this is just a start! Having my own coffee brand was a dream to me for years. Coffee is sharing, comforting, awakening and relaxing. These are very important things to me and I want to give all these to you with every package of Buse and Rosé fresh roasted Coffee. 


What is BuseandRosé ?

Buse is a name in Turkish which originally means 'kiss' in the dictionary. So Buse being in my brand is basically my name. Rosé is inspired by my favorite kind of drink, Rosé wine. 

It's bubbly, it's sweet and festive. Just like me!!!  I see so much about my personalty in these words and let me tell you, I can Rosé All Day too!!! So I wanted to combine my name with these characteristic words and came up with my brand!