Why to drink coffee daily?

Why to drink coffee daily?

Coffee is actually a ‘must to drink ’ daily hot/cold beverage that we have to have. Of course not in a level of caffeine making us shaky of having way too many cups of coffee. But you will be surprised when you read this article and see few reasons why to have coffee daily and how beneficial is it for our health.


It’s an Energy booster!

First comes first. Coffee is a natural stimulant that gives us immediate boost every time we drink. Our cortisol levels are highest in the morning which can cause us feel depressed easier. So try to drink a cup of coffee every morning when you wake up. Coffee’s energy boost will hit the body in 20 minutes and it also stays in our system for many hours.



It’s increases metabolism!

Yes, it is true. Drinking coffee an hour before having meals will help you to digest faster. They are so many studies about it out there that it’s proved coffee is a metabolism booster in daily basis. 4 cups of coffee throughout the day will speed burning fat and decrease the body fat.



Improves the brain health!

If I were to tell you caffeine improves brain functions and reduces risk of getting Alzheimer and dementia! There are published researches about it. If this easy to support brain health why shouldn’t we?  With only drinking few cups of coffee everyday? Coffee is also a mood booster and improves cognitive functions, mood and physical performance.


Reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease!

Caffeine is a fighter. It reduces chances of getting Parkinson’s disease as well as helps people who have it already. It helps with controlling movements better for those who have it.



Long living!

Coffee adds years to your life. Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. Coffee is an antioxidant that with daily use, it reduces risk of heart failure, stroke, diabetes mellitus and some cancers.


These are few very important reasons why to drink coffee daily. There are many other health beneficial reasons in coffee that it will support your body to stay healthy.

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