What is coffee?

What is coffee?

It is absolutely most popular hot drink in the world by far. But explaining in a literal sense, its darkly colored, bitter, slightly acidic drink. Coffee has a stimulating effect on humans because of its caffeine content...

Coffee is a brewed drink made by roasted coffee beans from coffee tree. We can drink hot or cold. Coffee is processed from roasting the seed inside the berry of the coffee tree. That sounds very cool right? Imagining coffee beans being made out of a tree? It’s fun to picture that.




Where does coffee came from?

Original coffee trees grew in Ethiopia even tho now it grows all over the world in tropical places like Africa, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

First coffee, the way in modern day drinking style came from Yemen in Mid- 15th Century. It was a similar way of how we currently do, seeds being roasted and then brewed. By 16TH Century the drink reached to Turkey, Persia, Middle East and North Africa. Came very popular very fast in those countries. After that it got recognition in Europe and finally America.

Turkey (before the Ottoman Empire) is very known with its Turkish coffee and it was always in the culture since it’s started. As a Turkish person, I know how of an important daily drink is a Turkish coffee. Turkish way of coffee is very finely roasted beans being cooked slightly different than any other regular ways.


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